A classic in the trend of time

Ferment bread for rye, wheat and mixed bread. It is not only optimizing your profitability, but also gives a tested answer to the reputation of politics and consumers to avoid "waste".

The fermentation of the bread with our StartGut® for bread fermentation creates something very special that could not be copied so far. Take advantage of the aromatic-fruity sourdough from the bread fermentation.


  • 50% of the flour used in the sourdough can be replaced by residual bread
  • The sourdough can be used without cooling for 6 days
  • Aromatic typical bread flavor
  • Low draw rate due to low pH and high acidity


  • Can be fed with rye or wheat
  • Time-saving management over the weekend

Examples of solutions

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic sourdough production for pumpable sour dough
  • Shredding mechanism also for whole loaves
  • Controlled fermentation processes by certified StartGut®-Bio
  • Bread fermentation StartGut®-Bio Rye

Technische Daten

Further information is available on request. request.

Our know-how

  • Continuous further development of processes and sourdough cultures to other / new flours
  • Customer-specific preliminary tests
  • Creation of a HACCP concept
  • Experiments of the effects of the leaven in the kneading process