The New Coating Module for the MINILAB XP

Thanks to its simple operation and the wide field of application (bowl sizes from 3 l to 7 l) the MINILAB XP from DIOSNA has already become indispensable as laboratory fluid bed processor for the development of pharmaceuticals for a long time. The often various and individual tablet coating processes in the pharmaceutical field prove the necessity for optimising products and processes already on a laboratory scale and thus creating a basis for a successful scale-up.

The new Coating Module from DIOSNA now provides the opportunity that the MINILAB XP develops from a fluid bed processor to an all-round talent among the laboratory machines. The exchange of the modules can be implemented easily because of a supporting frame. There is no need for tools for disassembling the individual parts.

The Coating Module is available for a wide field of batch sizes from 500 g up to 3 kg and is equipped with a glass lid for process observation. Both modules are operated by a clearly designed, fully graphical display, which allows for a change between manual and automatic mode.


The flexible Fluid Bed Processor CAP 10-80 RC

On the occasion of the Interpack 2017 DIOSNA introduces the Fluid Bed Processor CAP 10-80 RC as counterpart to the Vacuum Mixer P/VAC 10-60 RC. For drying-, granulating- and coating processes in the fluid bed the CAP 10-80 RC provides flexible and quick ways to meet the individual requirements of a process with only one machine and different material bowl sizes (10-80 litres).

RC stands for Rapid Change and offers an easy exchange of the moveable material bowl. Thus it offers ideal conditions for a successful scale-up. Thanks to the low structural height and the swivelling central part the CAP 10-80 RC boasts a high degree of flexibility.

Already the P/VAC 10-60 RC exceled with its flexible operational capabilities. Due to the new CAP 10-80 RC now it is also possible to use a complete and very flexible granulation line in the RC system. Hence granulating- and drying processes can ideally be matched to one another and changed rapidly and still remain individually adaptable to the process.

The operation of both machines occurs via a 19‘‘ touch panel. Thanks to the industrial PC with Wonderware InTouch software it offers a comfortable visualisation, operation and reporting.