Laboratory Processor P/VAC – 10

Mixing, granulating and drying under vacuum in the laboratory

The DIOSNA laboratory mixer P/VAC – 10 is an extremely versatile machine with changeable bowls from 0.25 up to 10 l. Apart from dry mixtures it is also possible to produce wet granulates that can then also be dried (optional) under vacuum. Granulating fluids based on water and solvent can be used. There are several containment solutions available for processing highly active substances.


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  • Very wide range of batch sizes
  • Mobile, with integrated control
  • Modular principle for easy retrofitting of components
  • Fast change of bowls without tool
  • Mixing units can completely and easily be dismounted and cleaned
  • Highly efficient design of tools and bowl made by DIOSNA


  • Integrated industrial PC, compliant with 21CFR Part 11, with remote maintenance
  • Vacuum drying
  • Explosion protection
  • Containment designs
  • Integrated hose pump
  • One and binary nozzle models for granulating fluid


Technical data

|Unit|Size Mixing/granulating bowl|L|0.25 - 10 Mixing/granulating/drying bowl|L|2 / 6 / 10 Speeds|-|Controllable Dimensions (L x W x H)|mm|1850 x 880 x 1240
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Technical data

  • P/VAC – 10

P/VAC – 10

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