Automation Technology

Depending on our customer's requirements and the task, we automate our machines and systems. We specialize in finding the perfect solution to match the requirements of our customers, starting with the manual input of recipe functions up to the fully automatic expansion by means of PLC control incl. connection to PPS systems.

Our controls do not only operate and monitor the machine's function, they monitor the production process and assist the baker in their commitment to product quality and documentation. By connecting to the production management or taking over the production management, we help the baker in controlling and monitoring his daily work.

  • Advantages
  • Examples of solutions
  • Our Know-how


  • Many years of experience in the automation of dough preparation machines
  • Continuous development based on our experience in all areas of dough production
  • Flexibility in the degree of automation to ensure customer-specific wishes

Examples of solutions

  • Manual operation with 100% operator access to the machine function
  • Recipe- or parameter-controlled automatics
  • PLC-controlled systems, recipe- or parameter-controlled automatic systems for systems of various configurations including connection to PPS systems

Our Know-how

  • Experience in the automated production of all common types of dough and processing methods
  • Data interfaces with all well-known manufacturers for raw material handling and dough processing
  • Online service also in 24/7 mode for all machines and systems with remote access