Wheat pre-dough

Soaking in the mild way

Pre-soaking in the mild way – wheat pre-doughs.

Choose the type of your pre-dough fermentation. From long, smooth fermentation to short and effective, leading to beautifully loosened pastry with a soft crumb. Preserve the mild character of your wheat pastry, because the bread taste is a little changed by using pre-dough.

  • Benefits
  • Conduct types
  • Examples of solutions
  • Our Know-how


  • Flour, water, baker's yeast and the right amount of time to activate your flour
  • Promote natural soaking and water absorption and thus the best yield in connection with our mixers
  • Strong flours become softer and easier to process
    • Depending on the fermentation, efforts may be made to save yeast or shorten fermentation processes
  • Even with fermentation interruption, the soft pastry structure is retained

Conduct types

  • Fixed pre-dough fermentations
  • Soft dough (from flour:water 100:90)
  • Sponge'n Dough processes with soft pre-doughs
    • The economical and contemporary solution for a proven technology
  • Opara - Tradition from Russia and Eastern Europe

Examples of solutions

  • Dough storage systems and bowl guides for traditional, fixed and long pre-dough fermentations
  • Fermentation plants for flour-water ratios from 100:90 and softer
  • Modern fermentation technology for short pasted doughs
  • Pre-mixer and maturing fermenter with integrated cooling
  • On request combined with flour dosation and yeast system
  • DoughExperts DIOStart for Opara

Our Know-how

  • Increase yeast - interesting for all, to whom yeast is very "expensive"
  • More pastry volume by yeast pre-dough
  • Long availability of yeast pre-dough by cooling