The centerpiece for juicy-aromatic rye breads

Which fermentation would you like to have? We offer you every solution from the Detmold one-stage fermentation over short-sour, care of your in-house day sourdough up to the two- and three-stage sourdough fermentation.

Depending on the TA of the rye sour dough you also have the choice between a bowl fermentation with a firmer TA or a pumpable ryesour, program-guided in fermentation plants.

Your know-how as a baker and our DIOStart rye starter culture for rye sour dough also enable you to choose between mild and strong rye sourdoughs.

  • Benefits
  • Conduct types
  • Examples of solutions
  • Our know-how


  • Aromatic rye and rye mix breads with a long shelf life
  • Multigrain breads with special taste
  • Of course, good acidified whole-grain and short breads, extra for the health of your customers
  • Biscuits, which you can eat with pleasure the next day
  • Bake without yeast addition by the drive from the sourdough
  • The use of bread and slices in sourdough has a positive aromatic taste

Conduct types

  • Day Sour
  • One-stage fermentation
  • Two- and three-stage fermentation, also plant-controlled
  • Salt sour
  • Foam sour
  • Berlin short sour
  • Bread fermentation

Examples of solutions

  • One-stage fermentation in bowl or plant
  • Fully automatic two- and multi-stage fermentation
  • Controlled bowl fermentation and linear systems 
  • Combifermenter rye / wheat for maximum flexibility in the bakery
  • Supplementing the sourdough plant with left over bread mixers and conveyor systems
  • Reliable fermentation processes through certified DIOStart starter cultures
    • DIOStart rye
    • DIOStart rye bread fermentation

Our know-how

  • Three-stage fermentation in just 23.5 hours with DIOStart rye
  • Dry-baking rye flour paroli - only with sourdough you can achieve an optimum soaking
  • Combine rye sour and AromaStück® to create an inimitable taste and freshness
  • Fermentation control by pH measurement
  • Consultation / adjustment of sourdough fermentation and kneading after new harvest or change of mill
  • Get tips from the DoughExperts for supplementing your HACCP system with sourdoughs