Wheatsour soft

For the special taste

Soaking, natural ripening processes and a special taste - these are the advantages of a wheat sourdough. The fermentation of flours succeeds with selected DIOStart cultures.

Focus on the later dough: should it be soft and malleable, stable and machine-accessible, perhaps with improved fermentation tolerance? Would you like to bake breads without yeast?

Focus on the taste: Do you prefer the wheatsour mild-fruity or mild-aromatic?

Focus on technology: Should your wheat duration simply be creamy-mild or rather loosened to support the yeast?

Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to get pastry flavor for your incomparable bread assortment.

  • Benefits
  • Conduct types
  • Examples of solutions
  • Our know-how


  • Formation of a variety of flavor precursors for incomparable flavor
    • as compensation for salt-reduced baked goods
    • to support butter flavor in fine baked goods such as croissants
  • Strengthening of the glue framework for dough stability and stress tolerance and thus increased process reliability on roll-out and laminating systems
  • Ideal for controlled dough processing
  • Conservation of grain during deep-freezing of wheat baked goods
  • Reduction or waiver of premixes / baking agents up to clean label
  • Extension of the durability

Conduct types

  • One-stage and two-stage fermentation
  • Continuity throughout the week
  • Versatility through fermentation and starter cultures in organic quality:
    • Aromatically mildly acidified
    • Gas-active loose
    • Creamy soft
    • Glue Strong

Examples of solutions

  • Single-stage systems with cooling for direct processing, refrigerated up to two days
  • All-in-one: Mixer, fermenter and cooler as a combination system
  • Two- and multi-level systems with flexibility over the course of the day and the week
  • Reliable fermentation processes through certified starter cultures in organic quality
    • DIOStart wheat classic
    • DIOStart wheat soft
    • DIOStart wheat fruit

Our know-how

  • Joint selection of the right culture and fermentation 
  • Now also with wheat: Baking without yeast addition!
  • Whole wheat with extrapower - Improving the availability of minerals with DIOStart
  • On request: preliminary tests: flour properties, recommended fermentation parameters and development of optimal kneading
  • Consultation / adjustment of sourdough fermentation and kneading after new harvest or change of mill
  • Get ​​the necessary tips from the DoughExperts to supplement your HACCP system using pre- and sourdoughs