The only true thing - from organic spelt

Make your own spelt sour dough and dispense with scrap dough.

DIOStart spelt can produce both spelt full-grain dough and spelt dough. After 16 hours it is ready for processing.

The selected cultures result in a fruity, mild taste and ensure a better preservation, which is especially important for spelt buns.

  • Benefits
  • Conduct types
  • Examples of solutions
  • Our know-how


  • Formation of a variety of flavor precursors for incomparable taste
  • Strengthen the spelt glue for dough stability and stress tolerance
  • Support for the fermentation
  • Reduction or dispensing of premixes / baking materials to clean label
  • Prolonged durability

Conduct types

  • Single and two-stage fermentation
  • Continuity during the week
  • Versatility through the type of fermentation:
    • Aromatically mildly acidified
    • Gas Active loose
  • Combination with spelt cooker
  • Combination with pre-dough possible

Examples of solutions

  • One-stage systems with cooling for direct processing, cooled for up to two days
  • Mixer, fermenter and cooler as a combinated system
  • Two- and multi-stage systems with flexibility over the day and week
  • Reliable fermentation processes through certified DIOStart starter cultures
  • DIOStart spelt

Our know-how

  • Joint selection of the right fermentation 
  • Spelt buns without yeast
  • On request preliminary tests with your flours: grinding properties, recommended fermentation parameters and elaboration of the optimal kneading
  • Advice / adaptation of sourdough fermentation and kneading after new harvesting and / or modified spelt quality
  • Get the necessary tips from the DoughExperts to supplement your HACCP system with the use of pre- and sour doughs