Combination of wheat sour and wheat pre-dough

Play with the possibilities of nature and combine the advantages of both fermenations to achieve results like these: 

An extraordinary taste and volume, a good glue with a soft crumb at the same time, stable doughs with good gas formation, which can be baked immediately, but also doughs, which are subjected to a long-term fermentation or fermentation interruption.

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  • Conduct-types
  • Example for a solution
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  • Swelling and natural activation of the flours and thus the best yield in connection with our mixers
  • Formation of a variety of flavor precursors for incomparable flavor
  • Strong glue framework, loose crumb, perfect volume
  • Activation of the yeast with simultaneous control by the mild sourdough - ideal to optimize completely different fermentations
  • Option to extend the freezer storage of dough pieces and half-baked items, because the structure of the pastry crumb is preserved


During the fermentation, you can choose from the options we have already described for wheat pre-dough or wheat sour.

  • Mild pre-dough plus mild sourdough
  • Sponge'n Dough plus aromatic sourdough

Also in combination: flexibility through two- and multi-level fermentations over the course of the week

Example for a solution

Yeast and sourdough fermentation take place in parallel, whereas the usage will be - depending on the recipe - characterized by different quantities. Therefore, both short one-level fermentations and multi-level processes with cooling are ideal.

Reliable fermentation processes through certified starter cultures in organic quality

  • Wheat StartGut®-Bio Bologna
  • Wheat StartGut®-Bio San Francisco
  • DIOStart - wheat soft
  • DIOStart - wheat fruit

Our know-how

Do not hesitate, ask the DoughExperts: Together with you, we will clarify which combination best suits your processes and products.

  • Advice / adjustment of pre- and sourdough guidance plus kneading
  • Tips from the DoughExperts for supplementing your HACCP system with pre- and sourdoughs