The AromaStück® is a thermally prepared starter with which flour, meal and seeds can be swollen and digested.

The special feature of the AromaStück® is the formation of maltose and various flavor precursors for your very special bread taste. Your flour and your raw materials determine and flavor precursors are formed for your own bread profile. The DIOStart aroma is always reliable.

The AromaStück® is a combination master: the natural sweetness of the maltose combined with the sourdough guides, which are so important for taste and freshness, produces mildly aromatic pastries with a special character. The combination with yeast pre-dough is a true insider tip for aromatic-soft baked goods with a great fermentation.

  • Benefits
  • Examples of solutions
  • Our know-how


  • Formation of a variety of flavor precursors for the particular taste
  • Replace natural sweetness with maltose from flour - sugar
  • Juicy crumbs and improved water retention due to the additional swelling of raw materials such as crusts and seeds
  • Support of the oven and pastry tanning
  • Pleasant, natural crumb color
  • Reduction or dispensing of premixes / baking materials to clean label

Examples of solutions

  • All systems are suitable for spring, brewing, cooking and flavoring pieces.
  • Ecoline A100 - small but powerful!
  • Comfortline - with PLC control
  • Multiline - Integration in process control systems
  • Modularity - heater and cooler in any combination
  • Reliable yield through certified starter cultures in organic quality
    • DIOStart aroma

Our know-how

  • Joint selection of the right fermentation
  • Multi-grain bread with tender bite
  • Small bins with character
  • On request preliminary tests with your raw materials and elaboration of the optimal kneading
  • Get the necessary tips from the DoughExperts to supplement your HACCP system with the use of a starter