Aroma Multiline

Constant pre-dough by reliable processes

This stand-alone preferment system for source, scalding, cooking and AromaStück® is possible with 500 or 1000 kg capacity at a TA of at least 300 depending on the used raw materials and methods.

Special feature of the DOUGHEXPERTS aromatic plant is the optimized process control for constant dough quality.

Thanks to variable fermentation times and flexible mixing intervals specially selected tours, it can be used for completely different pre-dough.

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Flexible recipe management for source, scalding, cooking and AromaStück®, adapted to the specific requirements of the customer

  • Customized solution possible
  • Modular design
  • With hygiene and cleaning-friendly design of the system


  • Triple wall container with water bath technology consistently in stainless steel
  • Anchor stirrer in special agitator and wall scrapers matched the production of dough, powerfully dimensioned for optimal mixing of all ingredients
  • Dosing pump dry running safe, robust design with pipeline distribution of dosage and cleaning
  • Control to comply with the fermentation times and temperatures and dosing quantities control
  • Fermenter weighed during filling, stop dispensing and cleaning process control


  • 500 or 1000 kg capacity
  • Frequency converter for agitators
  • Potential-free contact customer floor scale or negative weighing dosing pump control
  • Cooling/temperature control unit for connection to client side refrigeration systems or in low-maintenance design for the targeted cooling and heating of the attachment content
  • Interface for technological support


  • Technological coaching
  • DIOStart aroma for the special AromaStück®