Multiline Rye

Constant pre-dough through safe processes

Depending on your requirements, this stand-alone pre-dough plant for rye fermentation is available in capacities of up to 1400, 2800 or 4100 l with a TA of at least 200-250, depending on the raw materials and processes used.

A special feature of the DOUGHEXPERTS rye system is the optimized process control for constant pre-dough quality.

Thanks to variable fermentation times and flexible stirring intervals, specially selected fermentations can be used, even completely different pre-doughs.

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  • Equipment
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  • Flexible recipe control for single and multi-stage pre- and sourdoughs, adapted to the specific requirements of the customer
  • Individually configurable
  • Modular construction
  • Hygiene and cleaning-friendly design of the system


  • 3-wall container with pillow plate technology throughout in stainless steel design
  • Anchor stirrer in special stirrer and wall scrapers matched for pre-dough production, powerfully dimensioned for optimum mixing of all ingredients
  • Dosing pump in dry running safe, robust design with piping distribution for dosing and cleaning
  • PLC control to maintain fermentation times and temperatures and dose rate control
  • Fermenter weighed for process control during filling, dosing and cleaning


  • 1400, 2800 or 4100 l capacity
  • Frequency converter for agitators
  • Dosing pump control via potential-free contact by the customer's floor scale or negative weighing
  • Cooling / temperature control unit for connection to customer-supplied cooling network or in low-maintenance version for targeted cooling and heating of the system contents
  • Interface for technological support


  • Technological coaching
  • Rye StartGut®- Bio Detmold for all types of rye sourdoughs