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Efficient and profitable sponge process management scaled to your operation size

Webinar in English language.

"Efficient and profitable sponge process management scaled to your operation size"

While bakers are well versed in the benefits that preferment sponges offer the process of managing them to scale in your production system can be daunting. Finding space for all those buckets of sponge and properly managing the process flow can be overwhelming. Team DIOSNA specializes in offering scalable solutions for both liquid and stiff sponges as well as other technologies to naturally improve your dough.

  • Improving product Quality with Sponges. 
  • Introduction to DIOStart and the benefits.
  • Creating efficiency and automation with our tanked based systems for liquid sponges allow bakeries to properly manage the time and temperature of their preferments. 
  • Stiff sponge systems plus ways to incorporate trim back into your dough system for improved quality.
  • Cooked grain inclusions a process to improve on grain soakers.


Ronald Falkenberg
Master Baker and Sales Manager 
DIOSNA North America

Michael Rhoads
Master Baker and Technology Manager 
DIOSNA North America

Dr. Torsten H. Zense
Scientist and Consultant 
DIOSNA Germany

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