Pharma competence in our DIOLab

Mixing, granulating, drying and coating – the important steps of your manufacturing process for oral solid dosage forms requires reliable and intelligent solutions. DIOSNA’s DIOLab is an open process lab offering high-quality systems and laboratory devices for testing and optimising your products. Discover the excellent quality standards of our technologies and find the optimal solutions for your pharmaceutical manufacturing.

State-of-the art equipped DIOLab for the pharmaceutical industry

Successful trials start on a small scale: Our DIOLab in Osnabrück offers with the compact R&D mixer and granulator P 1-6 and the benchtop device MiniLab RC (RC stands for rapid change), two strong and efficient machines for recipe and process development. While the P1-6 is specialised on mixing and granulating of batches up to six litres, the MiniLab RC systems offers fluid bed drying and coating processes in one machine just like the flexible clinical batch processor MidiLab RC. Larger scales are processed using the P/VAC 10-60: It is available as 50 litre single pot processor as well as a 60 litre high shear mixer and granulator and enables the processing of wet granulates and vacuum drying. The equipment in our pharmaceutical process laboratory is completed by the fluid bed processor CAP 10-80 RC which offers easy handling, a rapid change of bowls and a wide range of batch sizes.

DIOLab for pharmaceutical manufacturing: Product analysis and recipe development

Beside our fluid bed and granulation systems we also have a number of professional laboratory analysis devices available in our DIOLab for pharmaceutical manufacturing, to support the optimisation of your recipes and products. Tablet hardness and friability testers enable you to verify the quality of tablets while devices for particle size distribution and bulk density determine the ideal substance. In addition, we offer SEM (scanning electron micrograph) images showing the thickness of coatings in cooperation with the University of Muenster. Also, an infrared humidity measurement device, light and LCD microscope, various portable thermometers as well as stirrers and scales are available for a detailed product analysis.

Hands-on training in our DIOLab

From the first trials up to a targeted product development – you will get the professional support of our experts during your visit to our DIOLab where you will be trained in the optimal use of our systems. We are offering hands-on training in operation, scale up, cleaning, maintenance and also troubleshooting services at our DIOLab. After the training, you can use the full potential of the DIOSNA systems, run critical scenarios and apply practical tips to maximize the efficiency and safety of your production. In addition, you could have the possibility to test the development of recipes and processes on rental machines at your factory. The rental time for the machines P1-6, P 60, V 100 or MiniLab RC is adapted to your demands.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a visit in our DIOLab for the pharmaceutical industry, just contact us: +49 (0) 541 33104 0 or per E-Mail