Containment solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Very high safety and quality standards are the basis for the manufacturing of highly potent drugs like granulates, inhalants and tablets. DIOSNA offers a variety of user-friendly containment solutions for the pharma industry to protect operators, products and environment ranging from R&D to production scale. Decide for safe and flexible containment solutions and implement the ideal system in your company together with our experts.
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Essential for highly potent drugs: Containment in pharmaceutical processes

Why containment is paramount in manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms shows the range of possible contaminations: the exposure of operating staff, production area and environment due to leakage as well as insufficient cleaning can lead to critical consequences. The requirements for high-quality containment solutions are underlined by stronger regulations from the legislation and more complex manufacturing processes. DIOSNA is an experienced supplier of pharmaceutical containment systems for many years and offers a wide range of solutions to fulfil even high demands like OEB5.


Containment in R&D: Installations in isolators

In R&D, proven containment solutions are the installation of mixer-granulators, fluid bed systems or single pot processors in isolators. This is especially suitable for small batches. It allows a comfortable handling of materials and system components and offers high flexibility enabling the interrupting or changing of processes. The machines can be opened for product testing or sampling almost anytime which is a key advantage in the product development phase. The hermetically sealed isolators which are working under negative pressure, guarantee a maximum of safety and avoid any leakage despite manual operation. This is ensured, among other things, by special transfer systems for the loading and unloading of excipients and finished products. At the end of the process, the entire interior of the isolator is decontaminated and is ready for the next application. By the way, DIOSNA allows you to individually design the interior of the isolator, for example by adding scales, pumps and mills.

Containment solutions
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Single-use equipment as a flexible alternative

Are highly potent ingredients used less frequently in your R&D department? We offer you a practical solution for the occasional handling of sensitive substances with flexible bags and the corresponding interfaces. The single-use bags are attached to the machines together with reusable valves, whereby containment valves made of plastic are often used. As an alternative, the machines can be equipped with flexible isolators which are individually designed and used especially for campaigns. The DIOSNA process systems can be adapted to the use with soft isolators to guarantee an optimal containment solution.

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Containment in production scale for pharmaceutical processes

Highly potent drugs must be treated with the utmost caution not only during development, but also during the later production. DIOSNA offers high sophisticated as well as straight forward containment solutions, based on a detailed analysis of your process requirements and batch sizes. But no matter how high the containment requirement in your production is, the interfaces for loading and unloading as well as controlling the particle contamination of the system’s exhaust air are the most important details to look at. Split butterfly valves and police filters in safe-change design are key components of any production line. Vacuum loading via a container docking station with split butterfly valve results in a small footprint and offers easy handling and high protection. The loading via gravity by a lifting and swivelling column is also a flexible solution, but requires plenty of headroom e.g. above mixers. IBCs receiving the final product are ideally docked by fully integrated bin blenders. The addition and blending of the outer phase for tabletting can be integrated as well. Another challenge, the cleaning after the manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms is met with semi-automatic (WIP) and fully automatic (CIP) solutions for perfect results.

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Expert’s training for perfect solutions in our Technology Centre

In addition to the intelligent design, the utilisation of the full potential of your DIOSNA systems is important to ensure a perfect production process. In our training courses you will learn how to handle mixer-granulators, fluid bed processors, single pot processors and coaters confidently, from operation to maintenance and to master critical processes. If you are interested to elaborate different technologies for the manufacturing of your oral solid dosage forms, we recommend to visit our Technology Centre in Osnabrück.

From mixer up to coater: pharmaceutical containment solutions

DIOSNA offers you complete and intelligent containment systems for all areas of application. In order to manufacture highly potent drugs, several precise working steps are required - and thus also various systems which have to be considered in a perfect containment solution. Our mixer-granulators cover batch sizes from R&D to production scale like our fluid bed processors which combine several processes like drying, spray granulation and coating. In addition, the HDC (Horizontal Drum Coater) is a tablet coating system that combines state-of-the-art technologies with easy handling. Our product range is supplemented by single pot processors, which are perfectly suitable for containment conditions due to the fact that mixing, wet granulation and drying is performed in one bowl.

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More than 130 years of experience for perfect results

Effective containment in pharmaceutical processes requires the highest level of know-how, experience and first-class quality standards. Since its foundation in 1885, DIOSNA represents these values offering user-friendly machines in typical "Made in Germany" perfection. Founded in Osnabrück as a producer of agricultural and domestic plants, nowadays the company is active worldwide in the food and pharmaceutical industries combing the most innovative technologies in the industry with expert service. Set new standards when it comes to containment and find the perfect solution for your requirements.