Fluid Bed Processor CAP 10-80 RC

Rapid Change over – Quick change of bowl size

The Fluid Bed Processor CAP 10-80 RC for the pilot plant scale provides all advantages of the DIOSNA production capacity equipment along with the increased flexibility of our laboratory systems. The fast exchange of bowls allows a wide range of batches sizes, which offers ideal preconditions for optimum scaling up. 

For fast change over, the bowls are on a carriage. Furthermore, the CAP 10-80 RC has a low height and therefore, it can be installed in rooms with low ceiling height. The central part of the filter housing can be swiveled which allows for easy access to the filters.

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  • Easy access to the filters thanks swiveling central part
  • Low height for low ceiling heights
  • Changing of the mobile bowl as well as of the bowl size is possible
  • Pressure-surge-resistant design of the equipment and inflatable seals
  • Comfortable operation with graphical visualisation
  • Automated processes and storage of various recipes


  • Top-Spray / Tangential-Spray / Wurster Coating
  • CIP- and WIP-cleaning concepts
  • GMP-related feeding and discharging
  • Additional material containers of two sizes
  • Containment designs

Technical data

  • CAP 10-80 RC

CAP 10-80 RC

Units Size
Container size L 25 / 80
Typical batch size 1) kg 5-15 / 15-40
Dimensions Project-depending

1) Product- and process-depending

DIOSNA operates a policy of continuous product improvement and development and reserves the right to make technical changes. The specific contractual agreement is always decisive for the properties, capacities and condition promised for the DIOSNA products. We would be delighted to send you further information on request.