Lab Mixer-Granulator P1-6 and Spheronizer

Mixing, granulating and pelletizing

The DIOSNA P1-6 is designed for the production of dry mixtures (e.g. inhalants) and wet granulates for small batches. The user-friendly desktop device is designed for easy operation and cleaning. The bowls are connected to the base machine by a bayonet system and can easily be taken off and placed. The chopper drive is pneumatically coupled/decoupled. It is operated via a touch screen.


The flexible spheronizer is the ideal addition to the pellet production of different batches for the laboratory. 

The tabletop device is a space-saving solution and allows granulation and pelletizing in the development of oral solid dosage forms.
With the spheronizer pharmaceutical manufacturers gain pellets in high-quality and have an ideal basis for subsequent processes. The spheronizer can be used as stand-alone machine or as an add-on to DIOSNA’s laboratory mixers.
Customers already using the laboratory mixer P 1-6 from DIOSNA can easily add an additional process step with the pelletizer option.  The spheronizer bowl can simply be docked onto the existing base machine of the pharmaceutical mixer and operated.

Fluid Bed Processor und Coater for Your Laboratory

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  • Modular principle for easy retrofitting of components
  • No tools are required for bowl change; chopper coupling is pneumatically operated
  • Non-contact safety switch on the mixer lid, no safety hood required
  • Mixing units can completely and easily be dismounted and cleaned
  • Easy to operate compact desktop device
  • Highly efficient design of tools and bowl made by DIOSNA


  • Tablet PC instead of standard touch screen
  • Effective power measurement and PAT software
  • Pumps, pressure vessels and nozzles for granulation fluid
  • Mobile base cabinet
  • Inertisation with nitrogen
  • Insulated design for containment usage

Technical data

  • P 1-6

P 1-6

Unit Size
Mixing/granulating bowl L 0.25 - 6
Mixing/granulating bowl Kg 0,04 - 2,7
Speeds - Controllable
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 950 x 550 x 550
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