Modular Laboratory Equipment

Versatility for the pharmaceutical laboratory

DIOSNA’s modular laboratory equipment, the MidiLab RC and MiniLab RC systems, offers the possibility to switch between different processes. The batch size can also be adapted to various processes by using different container and drum sizes.
Your advantages:
  • High shear mixing (only MidiLab), fluidized bed and tablet coating processes with one machine
  • Coating module: film and sugar coating
  • Fluidized bed module: drying, top and tangential spray as well as wurster coating
  • Easy and rapid change (RC) of the modules
  • High flexibility due to wide batch range
  • Desktop device for fast product and process development (MiniLab)
  • Flexible installation: In line, in a corner, through the wall (MidiLab)
  • Good process observation through glass components
  • Convenient operation via full graphic display
  • Easy cleaning due to tool-free disassembly
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