Universal mixer - Combined quality and economic efficiency

The production of high-quality mixtures is an indispensable part of all industries. For instance, in the food industry, food for sportsmen, instant beverages, and instant soups are produced by using special mixers; in the pharmaceutical sector however, the production of wet granulates and powder play an important role. DIOSNA is offering you versatilely applicable Universal Mixers that provide outstanding results for mixtures of solid material of all kind - also when liquid is added. Individually customised for your company, our plants set new standards referring efficiency and quality.
With more than 130 years of experience in building of first-class machines and plants, out internationally acting company which is divided in the two business areas food and pharmaceutical industry relies on a wide product portfolio. Customers appreciate DIOSNA mainly for the high application safety of the plants as well as for the continuous further development of its technologies. Inform yourself now about our Universal Mixer.


Universal Mixers for all sizes of operations

Easy cleaning, compact design and easy operability - our Universal Mixers convince of extraordinary practicability independently from their size. They are not only suitable for diverse industrial fields such as cosmetics, chemical or food industry, but they are also ideally adapted to the size of your enterprise. The spectrum reaches from our smallest mixing bowls with 11.5 l of usable capacity to an industrial design that contains 1,400 l. With each variant you decide upon an important step for the optimisation of the production process. While the mixer is thoroughly is working in the background in a time-saving way, your employees can focus on other work steps.

Professional mixing tools, numerous variants - V 10 - 200 models

Our Universal Mixers of the V 10 - 200 series are available in different configurations, which distinguish only by their capacity as well as the dimensions. While the starter model V 10 has a usable capacity of 11.5 litres, the largest machine has up to 180 litres depending on the product and the process. The V 25, V 50 and V 100 variants between them provide usable capacities of 24, 46 and 110 litres.
Also usable for difficult mixtures, all models score with their robust design of the bowls that are cylindrical but conical in the top area. Two mixing tools provide for an ideal mixture thanks to a three-wing rotor on the bottom as well as a chopper attached on the side. In addition, further options are available that include a mobile version for better mobility as well as more powerful drive for particularly demanding mixtures. Also the controllable speed of the mixing tools and a PLC control belong to the optional equipment.

Universal Mixers for industrial standards

The V 250 - 1600 models offer optimum mixing technology for processing of large quantities. They are available in five sizes from 210 to 1,400 litres of usable capacity and allow efficient operation within short process times. While the closed design stands for a difference to the smaller V 10 - 200 series, the operation only differs a little. So, emptying of the two series takes place through a generously dimensioned discharge valve with locking piston that flushes with the inner wall and has been attached on the side. Also the control is almost identical; push-buttons and timers are in a witch cabinet of the housing.
Optionally, different installation variants can be selected, for instance in a higher position. For better accessibility of the mixing tools in the mixing bowl, a useful crane can be installed additionally. Because the shafts are equipped with low-wear air-gap sealings as standard, all machines provide best possible reliability. Thanks to an integrated tool lift, the accurate inspection of the shaft sealing is possible without problems.

From laboratory to production - mixing technology made by DIOSNA

Our Universal Mixers are not the only systems for the production of perfect mixtures. The versatile model family of the mixer granulators of DIOSNA is outstandingly suitable for flexible applications. From the smallest size in the laboratory to the large-scale series, the granulators allow the production of dry mixtures and wet granulates, whereby vacuum drying of these granulates will be possible on request. Let you convince yourself of, for instance, the multifunctional laboratory processor P/VAC - 10. With flexible batch sizes and efficient tools - like the bowl design, the processor is a perfect machine to test all kinds of mixtures. The later mass production is possible with the P300 - P1800 plants whose generously designed capacity and equipment ensures the clear optimisation of the production line.

Customised solutions of the PharmaExperts

Also outside mixing and granulating, DIOSNA is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical machines. In addition to our innovative Fluid-Bed technology and a series of ultra-modern coaters, our product portfolio also includes automated solutions. Using them, the individual machines do not work separately but act together and in this way they achieve a maximum of productivity and cost-effectiveness. A good example is the granulation line. It combines the functions of mixer-granulators and Fluid Bed Processors, with which several work steps can be done simultaneously in a place. With the modular laboratory systems MINILAB RC and MIDILAB RC, you will receive extremely flexible solutions which have been planned for diverse work steps that contribute to clearly easier product development.

Universal Mixer made by DIOSNA: Convince yourself!

To get an overall impression of our plants and to be able to convince yourself of our quality we are offering you two possibilities for testing the systems. With a visit in the Pilot Plant Osnabrück. The testing laboratory with its Fluid-Bed systems, coaters and many other machines offers a complete overview on our product versatility. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, where first tests and the development of recipes are strictly required, you will receive valuable impressions and gather your own experiences. Out experts would like to be at your disposal as advisors and will answer your questions professionally.
Another possibility is offered by our rented machines. After the professional installation by our specialist personnel you will be able to perform tests in your own factory, certainly for a rental period that is fully adapted to your demands.

Perfect operation of your Universal Mixer

It is the target of our plants and systems to optimise your operational processes - therefore effective and efficient working, highly valuable results and shorter process cycles are the most important objectives at DIOSNA. To make these improvements become reality, coordination between operator and machine is required - even the best plant makes no sense when the operator is not familiar with its operation. Our trainings are the ideal way to understand your system to the last detail. Our experts will explain the plants and systems from the commissioning to the detailed operation, cleaning, and maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiries.