Universal Mixer V 10 – V 100

Open design with geared motor

The Universal Mixers V 10 – V 100 are designed as especially robust and compact vertical mixers with a cylindrical container that is conical in the top area. A three-winged mixing tool is arranged on the bottom; a chopper is installed on the side. The shafts are equipped with low-wear air gap seals. Emptying takes place on the side through a large discharge valve with a locking piston that lines up precisely with the inner wall. The control via push-buttons and timers is installed in the switch cabinet on the machine. 

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  • Areas of application
  • Advantages
  • Options
  • Technical data

Areas of application

  • General: Mixture of solids of all kind also with additions of fluid
  • Food industry: Spices and herbs mixtures, food for sportsmen, breading, instant beverages, instant soups, sand, wafer, biscuit masses
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Humid granulations, Powder and granulate mixtures
  • Chemical/plastics industry: Powder lacquers, master batches,
  • Cosmetics: Eye shadow, face powder, rouge, dental mixtures 


  • Outstanding mixing results
  • For difficult mixtures suitable
  • Compact machines
  • Easy to operate
  • To be cleaned very well


  • Mobile design
  • Controllable speed of the mixing tools
  • Reinforced drive
  • PLC control
  • Feed unit for solid materials and fluids

Technical data

  • V 10
  • V 25
  • V 60
  • V 100

V 10

Units Size
Usable capacity 1) L 11.5
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 1270 x 900 x 1230

V 25

Units Size
Usable capacity 1) L 24
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 1510 x 930 x 1365

V 60

Units Size
Usable capacity 1) L 46
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 1800 x 1075 x 1770

V 100

Units Size
Usable capacity 1) L 110
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 2150 x 1200 x 2050
DIOSNA operates a policy of continuous product improvement and development and reserves the right to make technical changes. The specific contractual agreement is always decisive for the properties, capacities and condition promised for the DIOSNA products. We would be delighted to send you further information on request.