Technical Centre Osnabrück

Acquiring of experiences and impressions directly on site

The Technical Centre of DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne in Osnabrück is an open laboratory that provides you the possibility to test and optimise your products in our plants in the laboratory scale and the pilot plant scale. Our plants and processes include:

  • Mixer/granulators: Powder mixture, wet granulation
  • Vacuum drier: Wet granulation, carrier gas vacuum drying
  • Fluid bed plants: Drying, granulation (top-spray, tangential spray), coating (top spray, bottom spray/Wurster)
  • Horizontal coater: Coating of tablets
  • Sieve mill: Milling and calibration 
  • Product assessment: Determination of grain sizes and bulk density, measurement of humidity, microscopic assessment

Please find a detailed list of our machines and the process technologies below.

With this, the DIOSNA Technical Centre is adapted to the high demands of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and in this way it provides a valuable support during the first tests as well as for recipe and process developments. Certainly, our competent employees are going to support you during your visit and answer your questions during the whole process development.

We would be happy to fix an appointment with you. Please contact us at:

Telephone +49 (0) 541 33104 0

Machines in the pilot plant

  • P 1-6: Mixer- Granulator for laboratory sizes of 0.25 l to 6 l
  • Minilab RC: Flexible Laboratory Equipment
                         - Fluid bed module for batches from 50 g to 3500 g
                         - Tablet coater module for batches from 300 g to 2700 g

  • P/VAC 10-60: as single pot processor with 50 l material container
  • P/VAC 10-60: as mixture granulator with 60 l material container
  • CAP 10-80 RC: Fluid bed processor with 10-80 l container 
  • Dry and wet sieve mill
  • Humid measurement
  • Shaking sieve for the determination of grain size distribution