Professional manufacturer of kneading machines and pharmaceutical machines: DIOSNA

Dierks & Söhne GmbH looks back on a 135-year story of success. Today, the former craft business is an internationally operating company.

DIOSNA is successfully working in two different business areas: 

  • Machines for the food industry
  • Machines for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
In the food industry, the manufacturer has been specialising in mixing machines for the baking industry. By taking over the pre-dough specialist IsernHäger GmbH, today DIOSNA is now offering all the most important processes of dough production from one source.

Mixing, granulating, coating and drying are the main processes of the DIOSNA pharmaceutical machines. From small laboratory systems to full production plants, this business field is not only offering solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also for the cosmetics and food sector.

Working with DIOSNA, you gain a reliable and competent partner who will develop for you, the best kneading and mixing technologies specifically adapted to your unique manufacturing process.

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and mixing machines supports customers with product development

DIOSNA sets great value upon customer satisfaction and offers you the possibility to thoroughly test the products in the Technical/Technology Centre in Osnabrück/ Isernhagen. Options:
  • Tests for recipe and process development by means of rented machines 
  • Training of your personnel and hints on the best possible process design and continuous product quality of your final product
  • Seminars around the production of dough and baked goods

DIOSNA is offering extensive service enhancements

As a highly competent manufacturer of pharmaceutical machines and mixing equipment, with more than 135 years of experience, DIOSNA not only has extensive knowledge of baking machines and pharmaceutical plants, but they are also offering a wide range of service enhancements in add value to the product range. Please send an e-mail to the customer service describing yourareas of concern or call the service hotline +49 (0) 541 33 104 64.
The DIOSNA experts are looking forward to your inquiry!

benefits of partnering with DIOSNA:

  • 135 years of experience.
  • An expert team of Application Engineers, Technologists and Master Bakers ready to support you.
  • Extensive product and system Portfolio.
  • Largest possible application safety of the plants.
  • Innovative and future-oriented Technologies.
  • Ongoing product development, equipment and process.

Visit the manufacturer of pharmaceutical and kneading machines at the product trade fairs

DIOSNA is present at several trade fairs worldwide, for instance at the Bakery China in Shanghai, at the IBA in Munich or at the Achema in Frankfurt. Do you have any questions about a certain product in addition to this? Simply use the contact form for your inquiry. DIOSNA would be pleased to be at your service!

Optimum baking results thanks to first-class machines and biotechnology

DIOSNA, the dough experts, have an extensive range of diverse baking machines available – from dosing through pre-dough preparation, pre-dough production and kneading right up to transfer logistics. By taking over the pre-dough specialist IsernHäger GmbH, today DIOSNA is offering the most important processes of dough production from one source.
Beyond that, the company is offering biotechnological products – starter cultures that optimise flavour, shelf life, or the baking characteristics of dough products. Extensive quality assurance and diagnostics complete the portfolio. The combination of biotechnology and innovative system design for pre-dough and kneading and the use of highly modern plants enable DIOSNA to achieve dough characteristics that clearly improve flavour and consistency. As an experienced manufacturer of kneading machines DIOSNA supports all important processes of the production of baked goods.

Pre-dough, Clean Label and more – our range of goods at a glance:

  • Pre-dough plants
  • Spiral mixers
  • Wendel mixers
  • Kneading systems
  • Flavour
  • Starter cultures in organic quality
  • Long shelf-life & Clean Label
  • Baking properties
  • Return dough & waste bread processing
  • Elevator tipper
  • Quality assurance & diagnostics
  • Laboratory systems & in-line analyses
  • Production of creams and masses
  • L-shaped mixer
  • Automation technology

Seminars around the production of dough and baked goods

Furthermore, DIOSNA regularly offers several seminars and trainings around the production of baked goods and dough with different main topics. Possible topics are, for instance, the “Production of baked goods using flour characteristics” or “Bread fermentation – fully developed methods with many combination possibilities”. Use the seminars to refresh or deepen your own knowledge and for intensive exchange of experiences with other participants. A common round of talks will take place at the end of each training that leaves room for open questions and exchange of ideas. Do you have an interest and want to take part in one of the trainings? Then, simply and conveniently sign in online for the Training of your choice!

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical machines: Pharma Experts

DIOSNA is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical machines for the industry. Especially the innovative mixer-granulators inspire customers all over the world. The range of products reaches from small laboratory systems to large-scale production plants and provides efficient solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also for the cosmetics and food industry. In addition to granulators for mixing and granulating, the portfolio for process plants also includes individual and complete systems in the area of fluidized bed technology as well as tablet coating. Individual solutions from the laboratory scale to the production scale complete the range of products.

The portfolio in the area of pharmaceutical plants:

  • Single pot processor
  • Mixer-granulator
  • Fluid bed processor
  • Tablet coater
  • Granulation line
  • Universal mixer

On the basis of extensive expertise, DIOSNA develops customer-oriented solutions that are adapted to the individual requirements on site. If you decide to cooperate with DIOSNA, you will benefit from optimised processes and higher quality for the long term. Please feel free to contact us!

DIOSNA employees